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Our holiday table at the Congregation B’nai Israel Hanukkah/Birthday party on Nov. 30, 2021. Quite a festive event!
Our kitchen table is ready with latkes and sufganiyot, thanks to Ralph Pierce, his daughter, Angelic, her son, Amari, Anna Brewer and Nadine Goodban.

Maya Edwards grew up in our synagogue. At her bat mitzvah Saturday, Nov. 13, she inspired us with her energy, talents, and commitments to caring about others and our world.

Desserts needed!

Changing Leaves
The Great Common Ground Thanksgiving Bake Off will begin on November 8. While we hope to have lots of bidders, first we need desserts for people to bid on! (This will raise funds so Common Ground can continue fighting for the needs of our community.) Then come to pick up the dessert you bid on and stay for a snack and music on Monday, Nov. 22, at the Beaux Arts Bank Building on Georgia Street!
We DO NOT need the actual dessert until Nov. 22, but by Nov. 7 (no need to wait until the last minute!), please send in the following items (or fill out this form Dessert Auction Bakers):
    *Name of dessert
    *Picture of the dessert (pic of a similar dessert from online works too!)

*Description of the dessert ingredients
    *Funny story or memory of the dessert

    *What you feel the starting bid should be?
    *Copy of the recipe if possible
The actual dessert should be dropped off on Nov. 22 around 6:00 pm at Beaux Arts Bank Building 332 Georgia St. Vallejo, CA 94590 OR arrange to have someone pick up before 5pm on Nov. 22.
Any questions, contact Cheryl Gewing at 707-373-2900.
Changing Leaves

Keetah Bet

   The Keetah Bet Sunday School class has been working for about a month on their garden project: C.H.A.I, or Climate Healing Awareness Initiative. They are documenting the project (and posting weekly on our Facebook page) in order to raise awareness in the community on how the garden will be beneficial to the climate. The goal is to become a Certified Wildlife Habitat where animals can raise young and find shelter, food, and water. The climate crisis continuously destroys the habitats of animals and plants. We feel it is our responsibility to create habitats for the wildlife in need. We will focus on Bees, Butterflies, Bats, and Birds, with access to water and native and drought tolerant plants such as Butterfly Bush, Sticky Monkey Flower, Dahlia, Milkweed, and more. The space is exclusively for our wildlife friends only.  Keetah Bet is excited to hopefully use CBI as a place of rebirth to help build a better planet.