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Education Congregation B'nai Israel

Mission Statement
The CBI youth education program focuses on developing our students’ Jewish identity and their personal connection to Jewish tradition and to each other.​
Program Offerings
Sunday School
  • Weekly from 10-12 p.m.
  • Preschool through 13 years of age
  • Students learn about Jewish history, culture, and holidays. Art, music, cooking and Israeli dancing are integrated weekly into class schedule.
  • Field trips are taken to reinforce classroom learning
Hebrew School
  • 3rd grade through 13 years of age
  • Students will learn begin learning the Hebrew alphabet and conversing in Hebrew
​Teen Program (coming soon)
School Calendar, Forms and Contacts 

Meet Our Youth Education Teacher Aitan Mizrahi

My professional career began at CBI about 25 years ago. After returning from Israel as a teen I was asked to be the teacher’s assistant at CBI for the Hebrew School. The opportunity to use my new Hebrew language skills and maintain a connection to Jewish community was instrumental in establishing my path along Judaism. I remained involved with the Jewish community as a Sunday school teacher and bnai mitvzah tutor throughout my college years even while rebelling against formalized religion.

Never straying too far from the herd, my Jewish life took its next step in Falls Village, CT at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center. While in northwest Connecticut I found a Jewish community that was connected to the traditions and to the Earth. Over the next 12 years my Jewish practice grew and strengthened. I was able to integrate my faith into my work as a dairy farmer, natural builder, and ecological design graduate student.

Last year I returned to the Bay Area to re-establish roots near my family. Last year, while substitute teaching for my mother, Rachel Lessem, I grew fond of working with the students and the CBI community and was pleasantly asked to come back this year to be the primary teacher, to which I excitedly accepted.