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It is interesting to note, that this Community was actually organized in 1910 and was known as “Sons & Daughters of Israel ”.  Meetings and services were held in rented halls and private homes.  In 1920, the first building at 512 York St , Vallejo was purchased.The Community was organized into the first formal Vallejo Synagogue.  On  December 6, 1925, the mortgage on this building was redeemed.
On August 22, 1945 the present property at 1256 Nebraska St , Vallejo , was purchased.  Ground-breaking ceremonies were held on April 20, 1947.  On April 11, 1948, the present synagogue building was dedicated.
The community hired its first rabbi – Rabbi Sol Horowitz.  Its official name became Temple B’nai Israel .  On April 28, 1957, the adjacent religious school building was dedicated.  On March 9, 1958, the Social Hall was dedicated. On April 14, 1965, the mortgage on the entire synagogue property was redeemed.

The bare-bones recitation of these facts does not fully convey our awe, gratitude, and admiration for the hard work, the dedication, and the foresight of the community members who first started this Community 102 years ago, and the members who took over and diligently worked to make sure that we, today, have a  beautiful synagogue and buildings for our use. The year 2008  marks the 60th anniversary of the synagogue dedication. A celebration was held  Sunday, November 16th, spear-headed by CBI Sisterhood.


 “…We are very lucky to have had B’nai Israel built for us by prior generations. Many people have sacrificed their time and money so that we could be here in our beautiful temple today. Our members today continue to give selflessly. I am grateful for all who work so hard to keep the temple activities going. And now, on the night of my confirmation, I pledge to give back to others by contributing my efforts to the Jewish community. I want to continue the tradition of hard work so that our temple will still be here for future generations. If we all contribute, even a little bit, we can, together as a community, create something larger than ourselves for we are all responsible for each other.”  

Molly Hirsh
Confirmation Class of 2001