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This meeting was short and simple. The committees gave brief reports. No one either disputed the New Board nominees, nor had suggestions for others. Gail Lamkins pointed out that the Executive Committee (EC) for 2022-2023 is made up solely of women, the first time in the history of CBI, she believes. The Officers are as follows: our new President is Cheryl Gewing, 1st Vice President is Gail Lamkins, 2nd Vice President is Micki Baker McGinnis, Recording Secretary is Lois Pierce*, Treasurer is Myra Binstock, and the Financial Secretary is unknown. The Directors are Matthew Finkelstein*, Jennifer Mercado*, Ron Nathan, Wendy Schuplinsky, Ray Wang and me, Dorrin Rosenfeld. Mary Schwartz will remain the Parliamentarian. Those whose names are followed by * are new to the board.

The Religious Education Committee (Micki Baker McGinnis, chair) highlighted the recent activities in the CHAI garden. The students are currently creating a layer of cardboard to discourage weeds. They believe they have enough, but donations are still encouraged. The Religious school is discussing reopening and we have several interested individualsThe Finance Committee (Dan Feinberg and Myra Binstock) also delivered good news. We are over half-way through the year, and we still have a positive balance. That is always welcome news. We are losing our tenants, but we expect to rent our property quickly.

The Programs and Events Committee (Mary Schwartz, chair) reiterated how well our continuing classes are going. Those classes are led by Rabbi White, Rachel Lessem, Bernie Goldberg and Ron Nathan, Cheryl Gewing, Sarah Futterman-Devies; and the book club hosted by Mary Schwartz. The Membership Committee (Gail Lamkins, chair) is slowly garnering 1-2 families a month for a new total of 66 families (28 of whom are paid in full and 57 have paid our Building Fund). We approved 2 new members, both young adults. The Building and Grounds Committee had no report.

The Ritual Committee (Cheryl and Martin Gewing) continues to find people to lead services each week. Friday nights are via zoom only, and Saturday services are both in-person and via zoom. The advantage of coming in person is the old standby, Jewish love – food (challah and wine)! Martin reminded us that this month, Adar, is one of happiness (in which Purim falls – March 16, 2022 with an in-person reading of the Megillah by Rabbi White). He also provided the welcome news that our sound quality, in the sanctuary, is improved. We’ve been working on that for some time, but now it is good, both in-person and on zoom. We can all participate and hear each other.

The Security Committee (Ron Nathan, chair) submitted a report on the current situation of the Covid virus in Solano County. Happily, cases/hospitalizations are decreasing! On February 15, 2022, California lifted regulations regarding masks and social distancing for those who are vaccinated. However, Solano County still has a potential for outbreaks. We are keeping the current CBI requirements for vaccinations, boosters, and masks. The Rabbi mentioned that the Sonovia masks we ordered should be in this week and he will bring them to shul this weekend February 26, 2022. The SonoMasks are considered the best of the best and extra ones were purchased for those who did not order one. He restated our positive position (our security grant was approved), but added bad news in that hate crimes against Jews are increasing everywhere. He also had some greeting tips for those monitoring the grounds when we all meet at the synagogue.

We are awaiting the next CBI Board meeting on March 21, 2022, which will be the last meeting of the current board. We are still looking for a Financial Secretary; volunteer before newly elected President Cheryl Gewing appoints someone.

Next month’s CBI Board Meeting will be on Monday, March 21, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

CBI President Dorrin Rosenfeld


We had a great start to the new year! We are the proud recipients of $185,946 from CalOES for Security Upgrades. Special thanks to Ron Nathan for his tireless effort to secure that grant for us!! Now we can get down to the work of upgrading doors, windows, cameras, lighting, an intercom system, and exit pathways, etc. Ron welcomes any and all help he can get on these repairs and security committee work in the face of anti-Semitism.

Sue Barush began with a well-deserved thank you for help with the production of our latest membership directory (Cheryl Gewing, Gail Lamkins and Micki Baker). Sue also complimented the Safety and Security Committee (Ron Nathan, chair) for their forward thinking and action.

Religious Education (Cheryl Gewing/Micki Baker) reported that although we are small in numbers, there is a great deal of enthusiasm for the garden (students, butterflies and local pets). The project currently requires cardboard; for which any donations are welcome. One goal is local recognition of CBI.

The finance Committee (Dan Feinberg and Myra Binstock) also delivered good news. They reported a positive net income, with a specific donation to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. 

Like last month, Programs and Events (Mary Schwartz) thanked those leading our continuing programs, all of which are going well (classes by Rabbi White, Rachel Lessem, Bernie Goldberg and Ron Nathan, Cheryl Gewing, Sarah Futterman-Devies; and the Book Club, hosted by Mary Schwartz).

Our Membership Committee chair (Gail Lamkins) and Myra Binstock deserve kudos for completing our Section 501(c)(3) application after more than a year of work. Officially declaring our non-profit status allows us several new opportunities, grants, and services. Gail announced 59 member families (+ 2 more who were approved at this meeting). They will receive our new “welcome bags.” The Sunshine Committee (Micki Baker) is also continuing to recognize important dates for our members.

Building and Grounds (Jim Petrellese) sent a report detailing the goals for this year. 1) Our new security grant and the work generated from that. 2) Our new Energy Efficiency Grant. Martin Gewing has been working on this. He is temporarily stalled as the cost for an energy audit is over $6000. We require a Plan “B” in order to move forward – ideas welcome. 3) Current camera system and key code access. The last 2 items involve asphalt quotes which we are awaiting: 4) PSI asphalt to resurface our parking lot. 5) We still need to repair the walking gate. The Building and Grounds crew thanked Micki’s husband, Mike McGinnis, for mowing our lawn – a very large job!

The Ritual Committee (Cheryl and Martin Gewing) continues to find people to lead services each week. We are all reminded to be fully vaccinated + booster and wear masks in the building. The mask issue was discussed by Rabbi White. He wants to use the special donation to his Discretionary Fund to purchase Israeli Sonovia masks which are fitted individually for each person, greatly enhancing their effectiveness. Not only do they have special built-in mechanisms to kill and deactivate virus particles on the spot; they are very comfortable. Due to their superior workmanship, they are more expensive than others, but we can save by buying in quantity. The board had a vote and approved the purchase of these masks. We are currently working on the necessary logistics.

In addition to the grant, the Safety & Security Committee (Ron Nathan) reviewed the current Covid situation in Solano County. The number of sick people varies by day, but over 72% of individuals, in our county, are fully vaccinated. Sue Barush said, and Ron echoed, in her report that CBI is way ahead of the curve in our response to health and security measures. Ron has asked for help with the Committee in monitoring the synagogue during and following the safety upgrades which will be implemented with our grant.

The Cemetery Committee (Honore McIlhattan) reported that the plot map is now completed; except for 1 potential site. Several current and former members of the committee worked to organize the records, and collate all past and present information.

Cheryl reviewed the Common Ground information, reminding us of the vast number of local organizations involved to create affordable housing, police oversight, and community growth. We have been members since 2013 and she reminded us that we’re stronger together. Doug Cort and Angelic Pierce (with Cheryl) will be the future Representatives from CBI. Speaking of the advantages of working together, the Nominating Committee hasn’t quite filled all the positions needed for next year. Any desire to participate is welcome!!

Next month will be a CBI Congregational Meeting on February 21, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. when we will elect a new Board.

CBI President Dorrin Rosenfeld